Helena Has Had Cosmetic Surgery Since She Came Of Age: “I Don’t Look Like Reality TV Girls.”

I started with lip injections, and then I ended up doing liposuction and breast augmentation. For the lips and breasts, it was complex. For liposuction, I gained a lot of weight. Quickly, I couldn’t lose what I wanted, so it was really to lose what I had too much.

She is “prettier” since operations.

For the lips, I am on the fourth injection. It remains natural, and we must not overdo it. The prices change depending on the practitioner, and it goes between 300 and 700 bucks. Quality doesn’t have to go with the price. I paid both prices and didn’t see a big difference. Me, I am not cosy, and I did not have pain. I find myself much prettier since.

I had these complexes, and now I have a lot fewer complexes. Afterwards, this is not an operation that should not be taken lightly. Me, I’ve been thinking for a long time. Even though I am young, I have been thinking about breast augmentation since I was 16.

It’s a heavy operation, and I had small complications. For liposuction, a lot of blood is removed. I had low haemoglobin at the same time. It can be dangerous; you have to do a lot of exams. I went to see nutritionists, but I couldn’t find the motivation with them.

I had my liposuction a week ago, and I’m in full swing. I suffered a lot as a result of my low haemoglobin and blood pressure. I was given an infusion. I am motivated to lose weight, even if it means going on a diet and eating a lot healthier. Today, I am more ready than before the operation.

“My parents didn’t have much choice.”

I didn’t leave much of my choice to my parents. They gave me their opinion, and I confessed a little to them. I told them more about my choice than my girlfriends. My dad took it a little bit worse and blamed me for wanting to look like reality TV girls. My mother was a little more understanding. They were open, but they didn’t have much choice.

A few years ago, if I had been my age today, I might not have done everything I did today. It’s more common now. Me, I still remain quite natural; I do not look like reality TV girls. With cosmetic surgery, it is easy to feel better. “