What Happens If You Have Surgery And Then You Regret It?

Pressure for social acceptance, psychological dysfunctions such as body dysmorphic disorder (a clinical disorder that involves an unusual concern for some defect, whether real or imagined, perceived in one's physical characteristics), self-imposition of strict aesthetic canons or crazy procedures Again made fashionable by celebrities or social networks such as dimpleplasty (modify the natural appearance of the cheeks through surgery to recreate dimples), the diastema (create space in the upper incisors to have a sexy appearance; Georgia Jagger can be the culprit), or Thigh Gap(creating a gap between the inner thigh and the pubis to show extreme thinness), are some of the reasons that push the staff to give in to the scalpel, sometimes without much thought. The search for the perfect physique can lead to situations that, in the end, can trigger not only disorders of the image and the body scheme but regrets, and in some cases, there is no going back ...

The surgeries that bring the most regrets? Rhinoplasties and mammoplasties, in the first case, can be solved although it involves looking for tissues from other body areas to replace what is missing, taking into account that the original morphology will never be recovered; And retouching the breast may involve changing prostheses, repositioning the nipple, and extra scars.

After an aesthetic operation, there should always be a logical period of adaptation to the new body image; if this new image is not accepted by the patient, it can be solved or compensated with new surgeries, being able to reach a large number of aesthetic interventions that never reach make the patient feel fully satisfied with their appearance, and these cases are not solved by the scalpel, but by the psychotherapist's couch.

If you want a surgery you won't regret, use the best nose jobs doctor in Miami, FL. To minimize regret, the patient must convey his expectations very well before the intervention; he must listen to the professional, sometimes he leaves with fixed ideas (resembling famous ones) that are not the most convenient according to their morphology; You also have to flee from franchises, because they guide the procedures based on commercial purposes, they can even give liposuction for having undergone a rhinoplasty, for example, or suggest an intervention that is not necessary; and, of course, value the psychological momentyou are going through, not thinking about it when you are depressed. Because although cosmetic surgery is considered voluntary, not necessary, and elective, medical criteria must prevail over the autonomy of the patient since this surgical speciality not without risks has been trivialized. The prior assessment of the motivations and dangers of each intervention, as well as the foreseeable result, must be analyzed by the specialist, and their criteria must take precedence over the reason that encouraged the patient to request a change in their anatomy.

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I Had Cosmetic Surgery: AT 71, I LOOK 50. I Have No Regrets

At 71, I had nine cosmetic surgeries. Today, I no longer look like the one I was a moment young: when I look at old photos of myself, I don’t recognize myself.

After breastfeeding, my breasts changed.

It all started when I was in my forties. Before my two pregnancies, I had superb breasts. Unfortunately, things changed when I started breastfeeding my boys. I had a hard time coming to terms with this physical change, but I learned to live with it.

One day, while watching television, I came across a procedure from a cosmetic surgeon who was showing pictures of breasts before and after an operation. I did not know that such a transformation was possible because this practice was still little-publicized at the time.

I was immediately seduced by the idea of ​​regaining the breasts of my youth, and I discussed it with my husband, who was rather favourable.

Shortly after, I made an appointment with the surgeon seen on television. I was naive, and I told myself that if he was in the media, it was probably because he was the best. Today, I bite my fingers.

Nothing went as planned.

When I arrived in this doctor’s office, I was received with great fanfare. This welcome reassured me.

The meeting did not last long because I did not ask any questions. I was confident, even though I didn’t even know what kind of prosthesis I was going to have. The surgeon swept away all my concerns in one sentence:

“You are going to get your maiden breasts back.”

This is all I expected.

Unfortunately, nothing went as planned. After the operation, I discovered with dismay my new breast: it was covered with hollows and waves.

I went back to see the surgeon, who made me understand that given my advanced age, I could not have a better result. I left with my head down, not knowing what to do.

Very quickly, I decided to make an appointment with another surgeon. Luckily, he was able to make up for my failed intervention. But that was only the start of a long series of operations.

On the left, Muriel Bessis when she was in her forties. On the right, Muriel Bessis is 68 years old.

Failed eyelid surgery

This failure did not calm my desire to end the complexes.

One day, during a family dinner, I spoke with a cousin who had just had eyelid surgery. She praised the merits of her surgeon and managed to convey her enthusiasm to me.

For several years, I had bags under my eyes, and this was a problem for me. I told myself that it was the opportunity or never to remedy that.

In the meantime, the surgeon she recommended to me retired and referred me to the one who had taken over her practice. Again, I was not suspicious.

I asked him to correct my lower eyelids, but when I woke up from the anaesthesia, he told me that he had also touched the upper eyelids.

This is where my ordeal really began. For a year, I lived through hell because I couldn’t close my eyes anymore. I had no choice but to sleep with my eyes open.

I don’t look like the one I used to be anymore.

Since then, I have been operated on again, and everything is back to normal. But between my breast and eyelid surgery, I experienced 11 years of hardship.

Despite everything, I do not regret anything. Moreover, I have undergone other procedures since: facelifts, injections of fat in the face, botox … At 71, everyone tells me that I look 50.

I don’t look like the one I was before the surgery. My face, which was round, no longer has the same shape. My eyes and gaze have also changed a lot. In the meantime, I also changed my hairstyle: from brunette with long hair to the redhead with short hair.

However, my relatives do not see me as metamorphosed but as rejuvenated. Moreover, after my last operation, I went to pick up my husband at the airport, and he told me this sentence that I will never forget:

I got addicted to surgery.

Looking young physically rejuvenates me internally: it helps me keep my energy. At 71, I am still working and have no plans to retire yet. If I have remained so dynamic, it is simply because I like myself. And that is partly thanks to the surgery.

Whatever one says about it, appearing is very important. In the world of work, looking younger has always served me well.

One day, I had an experience that confirmed it to me: I sent my CV without a photo and showing my age to a recruiter. He never called me back. A few days later, I sent back the same CV, without my age but with a photo. I was called in for an interview in the hours that followed.

For all these reasons, I fully intend to continue the surgery. I will no longer undergo major surgery, but each year, I plan to return to my surgeon to do a few botox, hyaluronic acid or laser shots.

I admit I got hooked on all of this, and I know why.

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Helena Has Had Cosmetic Surgery Since She Came Of Age: “I Don’t Look Like Reality TV Girls.”

I started with lip injections, and then I ended up doing liposuction and breast augmentation. For the lips and breasts, it was complex. For liposuction, I gained a lot of weight. Quickly, I couldn’t lose what I wanted, so it was really to lose what I had too much.

She is “prettier” since operations.

For the lips, I am on the fourth injection. It remains natural, and we must not overdo it. The prices change depending on the practitioner, and it goes between 300 and 700 bucks. Quality doesn’t have to go with the price. I paid both prices and didn’t see a big difference. Me, I am not cosy, and I did not have pain. I find myself much prettier since.

I had these complexes, and now I have a lot fewer complexes. Afterwards, this is not an operation that should not be taken lightly. Me, I’ve been thinking for a long time. Even though I am young, I have been thinking about breast augmentation since I was 16.

It’s a heavy operation, and I had small complications. For liposuction, a lot of blood is removed. I had low haemoglobin at the same time. It can be dangerous; you have to do a lot of exams. I went to see nutritionists, but I couldn’t find the motivation with them.

I had my liposuction a week ago, and I’m in full swing. I suffered a lot as a result of my low haemoglobin and blood pressure. I was given an infusion. I am motivated to lose weight, even if it means going on a diet and eating a lot healthier. Today, I am more ready than before the operation.

“My parents didn’t have much choice.”

I didn’t leave much of my choice to my parents. They gave me their opinion, and I confessed a little to them. I told them more about my choice than my girlfriends. My dad took it a little bit worse and blamed me for wanting to look like reality TV girls. My mother was a little more understanding. They were open, but they didn’t have much choice.

A few years ago, if I had been my age today, I might not have done everything I did today. It’s more common now. Me, I still remain quite natural; I do not look like reality TV girls. With cosmetic surgery, it is easy to feel better. “…

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