21 Dec

Actual Day Wedding Photography – What To Note

The following are some of the more important things you might want to note when it comes to actual day wedding photography services.

First and foremost, there will not necessarily be 2 AD wedding photographers allocated to you. Although most AD wedding photographers will automatically hire another assistant for that day, it is not the case all of the time. Therefore, make sure to hire or ask for 2 actual day wedding photographers if that is what you want.

Second of all, remember to get some form of transport for your actual day wedding photographer! Even though some of these photographer do have their own cars, they might simply leave it parked somewhere during the ceremony so that they can film you and your spouse in your wedding car when you’re moving around. Always remember to allocate at least one seat to the wedding photographer. Do not make this mistake of forgetting to allocate the photographer a space or seat in your car!

Third of all, the photographer will not know who are the important guests at your wedding ceremony with the exception of you, your spouse and your respective parents. Therefore, try to appoint a best man or bridesmaid to inform the photographer of the important guests that you and your spouse want more photographs of. If you think everyone is equally important, then perhaps you can leave out this step.

Fourthly, always opt for the 8 or 10 hour actual day wedding photography package. If you do not opt for that, the 5 hour one is almost always too short unless you only have a wedding lunch OR dinner banquet and not both. After all, it is usually only a few hundred dollars more expensive for the 8 or 10 hour actual day wedding photography package – so just opt for that! This is something that you only need to invest in once in your life time. Just like you would work hard for your marriage and invest in it, why not invest in your actual day wedding photography services?

I hope my article above has helped you better understand what to note when it comes to actual day wedding photography. Cheers.