30 May

Review of wedding photographers in Singapore

Here’s a review of the top wedding photographers in Singapore.

First of all, let us talk about Bloc Memoire. One thing I really like about Bloc Memoire is not the photographs they take, but how they package the entire wedding photography experience. They will not provide you a typical wedding album, but instead, make it a fairy-tale like experience and enclose your printed photographs into a wooden box filled with paper frills and with a wooden thumb drive (this is quite unique) which contains the soft copy of the wedding photos of you and your spouse.

Second of all, let us talk about Grandeur Wedding. One thing I like about Grandeur Wedding Studio is their great attention to details as well as the way their photographs look. They put a great emphasis on the quality of the taken photographs, and the images which come out turn up looking very perfect and pristine. If you want a dreamy feel, go with Bloc Memoire. If you want a sharp and Hollywood feel for your wedding photographs, do go with Grandeur Wedding.

Third of all, Mindy Tan. One of the more prominent overseas wedding photographer based in Singapore, Mindy Tan takes amazing looking photographs when it comes to wedding shots. However, she’s always constantly on the go, and this means that you may not necessarily be able to catch her on time, especially for your actual day wedding photography, because she’s essentially a one person show. If she’s not free, too bad for you. However, if you like her photographs, and she’s free for your overseas photography, then make sure to choose her as your appointed wedding photographer for wedding photo shoots outside of Singapore. However, when it comes to local wedding photo shoots in Singapore, you’re better off going with a studio where you have more choices.

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