23 Dec

Looking For Pre Wedding Photography In Singapore Too?

Although not everybody goes for a pre-wedding photoshoot, there are many couples who choose to go for that nowadays in Singapore.

What is the difference between pre-wedding photography and actual day wedding photography? The biggest difference, other than the very obvious fact that a pre-wedding photo shoot is taken before the actual wedding day, is that a pre wedding photography session is usually held at exotic outdoor locations throughout Singapore or within a studio. It is posed and in a controlled environment relative to actual day wedding photography which is simply candid photography of the actual day happenings and events.

When it comes to a pre-wedding photography session, a couple is able to choose their preferred destinations or locations in Singapore to have their photographs taken at. Couples have full freedom over the places and backdrops which they want as long as the place they are going into are not private properties. A pre-wedding photography session in Singapore is where couples have all the fun and go to beautiful places like Botanic Gardens or go to exotic locations in Singapore like Hort Park and take beautiful images.

Anyway, if you’re looking for such a bridal photographer, Grandeur Wedding studio, as mentioned in my previous article, other than their AD photography services, they also provide prewedding photoshoots in Singapore. Try engaging them, they seem to have pretty good photographers.

Most people who go for pre-wedding photography love having went for it. A pre-wedding photography session can be really fun if you were to work with a good quality and customer-oriented wedding photographer or photography studio in Singapore.

If you have ever looked at the bridal album or photographs online and found that they look truly amazing, chances are, they were not taken during the actual day of the wedding. That is the only way the images can turn out so great – because they travel to specific locations in Singapore and take at least one entire day to pose and look good for it. During the actual day wedding, you would be rushing about and have very little time to pose. Hence, just go for a pre-wedding shoot – you won’t regret it!

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