20 Dec

What To Ask A Wedding Gown Boutique

Here are some important questions that you should ask your wedding dress boutique store in Singapore.

First of all, some Singapore wedding gown boutiques allow you to pick up your item right away and bring it home. However, there are other bridal gown boutiques which might not allow you to take it home right away and will only allow you to bring it back on the days that you have your photo shoot. This is not a big point but is definitely something  that you should clarify with the boutique store before paying.

Secondly, figure out if they offer free trials. Most wedding gown boutiques in Singapore allow you up to 1 or 2 free try on of their bridal dresses. The reason they limit it is because they need to send each dress for dry cleaning after someone tries it on. Each time they send it for cleaning costs them money. Hence, you should check with the wedding dress boutique if they offer such trials.

Third of all, find out about their packages. Most bridal stores offer discounts if you were to get more than one gown. From what I know, it is better to get 2 or 3 gowns. This is so that you can change into different ones on the actual day of your wedding ceremony. In the morning, you can be wearing the more formal white one, while you can wear a more vibrant colored and exciting one to the dinner banquet which are usually held at posh restaurants in hotels in Singapore. It is also much more fun to have more than 1 wedding gown if you can afford it (or rent it).

Finally, they may have partnerships with certain other wedding photography or videography companies out there. So don’t be shy and after renting or purchasing your bridal gown, just ask them if they have any such partnerships. Their discounts can be relatively significant, so just make sure to ask for them!

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