30 May

Review of wedding photographers in Singapore

Here’s a review of the top wedding photographers in Singapore.

First of all, let us talk about Bloc Memoire. One thing I really like about Bloc Memoire is not the photographs they take, but how they package the entire wedding photography experience. They will not provide you a typical wedding album, but instead, make it a fairy-tale like experience and enclose your printed photographs into a wooden box filled with paper frills and with a wooden thumb drive (this is quite unique) which contains the soft copy of the wedding photos of you and your spouse.

Second of all, let us talk about Grandeur Wedding. One thing I like about Grandeur Wedding Studio is their great attention to details as well as the way their photographs look. They put a great emphasis on the quality of the taken photographs, and the images which come out turn up looking very perfect and pristine. If you want a dreamy feel, go with Bloc Memoire. If you want a sharp and Hollywood feel for your wedding photographs, do go with Grandeur Wedding.

Third of all, Mindy Tan. One of the more prominent overseas wedding photographer based in Singapore, Mindy Tan takes amazing looking photographs when it comes to wedding shots. However, she’s always constantly on the go, and this means that you may not necessarily be able to catch her on time, especially for your actual day wedding photography, because she’s essentially a one person show. If she’s not free, too bad for you. However, if you like her photographs, and she’s free for your overseas photography, then make sure to choose her as your appointed wedding photographer for wedding photo shoots outside of Singapore. However, when it comes to local wedding photo shoots in Singapore, you’re better off going with a studio where you have more choices.

24 Dec

Don’t Compromise On Quality Of Your Wedding Photographs

There are some things in life that you just cannot compromise on, and your spouse and wedding photography are some examples of that.

Would you settle for a spouse whom you don’t really love and intend to take care of for the rest of your lives? No way! You wouldn’t. Just like how you carefully picked your spouse, you also want a great wedding photographer. This is because the person you engage would be in charge of taking the wedding photographs of some of your most important moments in your life – your wedding!

Here are some tips to help you pick a premium quality wedding photography company in Singapore.

  • Check out their portfolio! The simplest thing you can do is to simply turn on your computer or handphone (which you probably have already done since you’re reading this) and check out the wedding photography company’s website! It is so easy to perform and you can instantly check out the quality and style of their wedding photographs and use your own judgement. You no longer need to depend on others’ opinions or recommendations and can make the decision with your spouse directly.
  • Check out any online reviews! There are a lot of places where customers can leave their reviews, for example, Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp e.t.c. You cannot go wrong if you make use of a few minutes to check out the reviews of the Singapore wedding photography companies you’re considering on such review sites.
  • Ask them for their packages but take the prices with a pinch of salt. Most of the lacklustre photographers will charge dirt cheap prices. Therefore, do not be tempted just because their prices are really cheap. Prices are generally proportionate to the quality of the wedding photography services.

Alright, hopefully the above tips are able to help you accurately pick a premium wedding photography company! Remember, picking a good company or bridal photographer in Singapore is like picking your spouse… Choose carefully.

23 Dec

Looking For Pre Wedding Photography In Singapore Too?

Although not everybody goes for a pre-wedding photoshoot, there are many couples who choose to go for that nowadays in Singapore.

What is the difference between pre-wedding photography and actual day wedding photography? The biggest difference, other than the very obvious fact that a pre-wedding photo shoot is taken before the actual wedding day, is that a pre wedding photography session is usually held at exotic outdoor locations throughout Singapore or within a studio. It is posed and in a controlled environment relative to actual day wedding photography which is simply candid photography of the actual day happenings and events.

When it comes to a pre-wedding photography session, a couple is able to choose their preferred destinations or locations in Singapore to have their photographs taken at. Couples have full freedom over the places and backdrops which they want as long as the place they are going into are not private properties. A pre-wedding photography session in Singapore is where couples have all the fun and go to beautiful places like Botanic Gardens or go to exotic locations in Singapore like Hort Park and take beautiful images.

Anyway, if you’re looking for such a bridal photographer, Grandeur Wedding studio, as mentioned in my previous article, other than their AD photography services, they also provide prewedding photoshoots in Singapore. Try engaging them, they seem to have pretty good photographers.

Most people who go for pre-wedding photography love having went for it. A pre-wedding photography session can be really fun if you were to work with a good quality and customer-oriented wedding photographer or photography studio in Singapore.

If you have ever looked at the bridal album or photographs online and found that they look truly amazing, chances are, they were not taken during the actual day of the wedding. That is the only way the images can turn out so great – because they travel to specific locations in Singapore and take at least one entire day to pose and look good for it. During the actual day wedding, you would be rushing about and have very little time to pose. Hence, just go for a pre-wedding shoot – you won’t regret it!

21 Dec

Actual Day Wedding Photography – What To Note

The following are some of the more important things you might want to note when it comes to actual day wedding photography services.

First and foremost, there will not necessarily be 2 AD wedding photographers allocated to you. Although most AD wedding photographers will automatically hire another assistant for that day, it is not the case all of the time. Therefore, make sure to hire or ask for 2 actual day wedding photographers if that is what you want.

Second of all, remember to get some form of transport for your actual day wedding photographer! Even though some of these photographer do have their own cars, they might simply leave it parked somewhere during the ceremony so that they can film you and your spouse in your wedding car when you’re moving around. Always remember to allocate at least one seat to the wedding photographer. Do not make this mistake of forgetting to allocate the photographer a space or seat in your car!

Third of all, the photographer will not know who are the important guests at your wedding ceremony with the exception of you, your spouse and your respective parents. Therefore, try to appoint a best man or bridesmaid to inform the photographer of the important guests that you and your spouse want more photographs of. If you think everyone is equally important, then perhaps you can leave out this step.

Fourthly, always opt for the 8 or 10 hour actual day wedding photography package. If you do not opt for that, the 5 hour one is almost always too short unless you only have a wedding lunch OR dinner banquet and not both. After all, it is usually only a few hundred dollars more expensive for the 8 or 10 hour actual day wedding photography package – so just opt for that! This is something that you only need to invest in once in your life time. Just like you would work hard for your marriage and invest in it, why not invest in your actual day wedding photography services?

I hope my article above has helped you better understand what to note when it comes to actual day wedding photography. Cheers.

20 Dec

What To Ask A Wedding Gown Boutique

Here are some important questions that you should ask your wedding dress boutique store in Singapore.

First of all, some Singapore wedding gown boutiques allow you to pick up your item right away and bring it home. However, there are other bridal gown boutiques which might not allow you to take it home right away and will only allow you to bring it back on the days that you have your photo shoot. This is not a big point but is definitely something  that you should clarify with the boutique store before paying.

Secondly, figure out if they offer free trials. Most wedding gown boutiques in Singapore allow you up to 1 or 2 free try on of their bridal dresses. The reason they limit it is because they need to send each dress for dry cleaning after someone tries it on. Each time they send it for cleaning costs them money. Hence, you should check with the wedding dress boutique if they offer such trials.

Third of all, find out about their packages. Most bridal stores offer discounts if you were to get more than one gown. From what I know, it is better to get 2 or 3 gowns. This is so that you can change into different ones on the actual day of your wedding ceremony. In the morning, you can be wearing the more formal white one, while you can wear a more vibrant colored and exciting one to the dinner banquet which are usually held at posh restaurants in hotels in Singapore. It is also much more fun to have more than 1 wedding gown if you can afford it (or rent it).

Finally, they may have partnerships with certain other wedding photography or videography companies out there. So don’t be shy and after renting or purchasing your bridal gown, just ask them if they have any such partnerships. Their discounts can be relatively significant, so just make sure to ask for them!

19 Dec

Picking The Right Wedding Gown

Do you think that wedding dress shopping is very complicated? You’re definitely not the only bride-to-be who thinks that way.

If you watch the above video, you will realize how getting the right dress will help you look really beautiful. Looking good in a wedding dress is not about wearing the dresses which are the most in fashion at that particular point in time or which you like. More often that not, the best and most amazing looking dresses are those which suits your body shape, size as well as character.

Although most people think that finding the right wedding dress is one that suits your body type, it should also suit your character. A bride with a more ‘timid’ or ‘closed’ personality would walk very unnaturally with a daring dress and vice versa. The best way to carry out the beauty of the wedding gown and yourself is to look for a dress that suits 3 things: your body size, your body shape and your personality.


18 Dec

How To Pick The Best Wedding Photographer In Singapore

Picking the best wedding photographer can be really difficult if you do not know what you’re doing. However, if you know what you’re doing and the process behind it, picking a good wedding photographer in Singapore is easy. If you want some direct recommendations from us, then I would recommend you to look at Grandeur Singapore or Bloc Memoire.

  1. Discuss with your spouse what you and he/she likes. Even though you and he/she may be very close to each other, it does not mean that your tastes and preferences for wedding photographs or videos are the same. Do not blindly make that assumption. Some people may prefer indoor photo shoots for your pre-wedding photography while others prefer outdoor wedding photography or videography sessions.
  2. After you have decided on either an indoor / studio photoshoot or outdoor wedding photography / videography, you should then find a wedding photographer in Singapore who specializes in taking that style of wedding photographs. There are some wedding photographers who only specialize in taking indoor photos because they’ve been working at such a company for their entire lives. If you want an outdoor pre-wedding photography session, then make sure to find another bridal photographer in Singapore who has experience in taking outdoors shoots instead!
  3. Now that you have all of the above done, what you are left with is the actual searching for the photographer. The first thing I recommend you to do is to look for a family member or friend whose wedding photographs you particularly love. Then all you need to do is to engage the same Singapore wedding photography studio or bridal photographer. On the other hand, if you do not know any such people, then simply look online for wedding photographers in Singapore. Most studios and individual wedding photographers have a website and online presence and you would be able to find out their portfolio easily and decide if you should engage them.
16 Dec

Wedding Photography Styles And Tips

If you are a wedding photographer, then you might definitely want to listen up and read on or at least watch the above video sharing wedding photography tips.

What you will notice is that there are a lot of different styles to shooting a good wedding photo, and that there really is no one best way. In fact, that’s why wedding photographs are so beautiful – because their styles are all special and I love that difference in pictures by different photographers. It gives the images a very distinctive feel. I like it when things are unique.

There are different wedding photography styles like panorama, smoky, blurred background, small background e.t.c.

The biggest key as a wedding photographer, is to first ask yourself what you really like. If you want to join a studio, you should also know your own style and whether you fit the studio’s style. A good studio to join in Singapore would be Grandeur Wedding Studio (#02-00, 16 Purvis St, 188595 Phone: 6681 5798). Only by fully understanding your own personality, styles and preferences will you know how to take better images which suit your character. This is because some photographers prefer bright and vibrant photographs while others prefer having some melancholy in their wedding photographs they take.

Don’t worry about the customers if you’re a bridal photographer. Be concerned about your brand and the type of quality you want to portray and give people . Only when you understand that will you be able to truly differentiate yourself from the pack by being so genuine. The right type of customers will find you if you’re able to appeal to a particular group with similar tastes as you do. Remember, if you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one. If you appeal to only your target audience, your future customers will love you.

On the other hand, if you’re not a wedding photographer but a bride or groom to be, then you might want to look for a good wedding photographer who knows the above tips!